Purdy Powers & Company

We think like business partners first. Then we get into the accounting stuff.

When you work with us, you'll have confidence in knowing your business is managed by accounting professionals who see the big picture impact of even the seemingly most insignificant move. It's the type of careful consideration—attention to minute detail—that makes our team your go-to team of on-call business partners.

Our approach to working with clients is really a team sport. Your account will be managed by a senior member of the Firm, with the support of a seasoned group of professionals. When you call, we'll be there with an answer. We'll give your business the attention it deserves to make absolutely certain day-to-day financial operations run like a well-oiled machine. Which, of course, makes our year-end work that much easier.

We'll provide a complete suite of services to help your business prosper.

Get to know us. Then give us a call.

The Senior Players

Marc powers, cpa, cva

Marc is a self-proclaimed math geek who loves his work with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial business. Over the years, he's earned the respect of his clients because they have learned that working with Marc is working with someone who really cares about their business and financial well being. 

When he's not thinking numbers and business, Marc is spending time with his family and traveling. And, while he has hung up aspirations for being on the pro tour or pitching a no-hitter at Fenway, he still enjoys playing golf and baseball. 

Attended: The University of Maine Orono


Rich Emerson, cpa, cva

Rich is an advisor who helps his clients face financial challenged. His is an approach that starts by defining success criteria for his clients—which are different for most everyone. He then puts his instincts and experience as a business owner to work to guide clients forward.

When not in the financial trenches, Rich spends time with his wife, is a Board Member of the Susan Curtis Foundation, and is a Rotarian with the Portland Sunrise Club. Rich is a golfer and spends as much time as he can riding the roads on his Harley.

Attended: Husson College


David Shorette, cpa, cva

David loves business and putting business plans into action to create prosperity. And since accounting is the language of business, you can be sure David is very fluent in it. His key focus is to understand client goals and create actionable financial plans that enhance business performance.

When not crunching numbers, David serves on the Boards of Riding to the Top and University of Maine Alumni Chapter of Southern Maine. David is a runner, but now one of his biggest passions is being a Horse Dad—watching his daughters ride. 

Attended: The University of Maine Orono


dana dakers, cpa, cva

When asked, Dana will tell you that his passion for the business comes through the opportunity to help different companies and different people reach their goals—no single issue is ever the same. Which keeps it interesting and keeps him on his toes. He cares deeply about the overall success of all his clients.

In his "real life" Dana gives back to his community through participation on the Boards of the VBC Steeple Committee, Biddeford Pool Yacht Club, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of York County. Dana spends as much time as possible outdoors, and while he understands he won't win America's Cup, he does enjoy sailboat racing. 

Attended: Babson College and Bentley College


roger fortin, cpa

Since 1963, Roger has been using his skills to help his clients keep their finances in order. From day-to-day accounting to complex tax issues, Roger's ability to forge lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors makes him a strong member of our team. In fact, for Roger, the measure of his success is based on the strength of the relationships he's built and been able to maintain over the years.

He served two terms on the State Board of Accountancy under Governors Curtis and Longley.

When he's not behind his desk, he's out sailing the waters of Casco Bay, golfing, or globe trotting with his wife.

Attended: The University of Maine, Portland


Thomas taton, cpa

With more than 40 years' experience under his belt, Tom has seen a lot of changes come and go. He loves what he does because of the challenges associated with learning the ever-changing and complex tax and accounting rules and using them to implement strategies to help his clients meet their business and profitability goals. Tom has been a member of the Maine Society of CPA's Ethics Committee for more than 20 years and is presently its chairman.

When not at the office, Tom is exploring Maine with his wife and cheering on the Sea Dogs at Hadlock Field.

Attended: The University of Southern Maine

The Team


erin abbott, mba

While she may not be an accountant, Erin sees herself as more of a financial detective—she's constantly learning and uncovering new things which keeps her engaged—and makes her job very interesting and exciting. Her sleuthing skills have proven themselves as great assets to our clients.

In her free time, Erin spends as much time hiking, camping, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors as she can—she's also working toward earning her CPA license. Erin does like to stay busy.

Attended: Thomas College


Jamie Bryant, JD

Jamie has a true love for everything that has to do with taxes. No matter how many returns she's done over the years, each one offers up new challenges and gives her the opportunity to do right by her clients. Having spent more than six years in military intelligence, it's really no wonder that she has an innate talent for working her way through complex issues. An admitted lifelong learner, Jamie believes that being open to discovering new things each day makes her a better tax professional.

When she's not poring over countless tax returns, Jamie is at home homeschooling her two kids, knitting, or volunteering as Guardian ad Litem.

Attended: University of Maryland, Excelsior College, Monterey Peninsula College, Barstow Community College, and University of Maine School of Law


Ang "Bunnie" Bond, MBA

A native of Singapore, Bunnie has over 30 year’s experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Not only does she have a passion for this business, her greatest satisfaction comes through helping clients feel comfortable and confident about their financial lives. Bunnie has a way of making her older clients feel at ease in the financial world.

When not in the office, Bunnie is out fishing and traveling.

Attended: Nichols State University and Southern New Hampshire University


christy rui chen

Christy came to the United States from China just nine short years ago, alone, and graduated at the top of her class. Her drive and dedication to the accounting profession gives her the ability to help her clients through any financial situation. Christy’s industry experience is diverse and she’s able to use it to the advantage of the people she works with.

When not dealing with complex financial issues, Christy loves traveling the world and when she’s home, experiencing Portland’s incredible food scene.

Attended: Northeastern University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


wendy corlett, ea, ata, atp

With more than 26 years’ experience, Wendy brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her career has taken her from Florida to Maine, where she worked as an accountant for privately held companies, as well as a business owner—starting and building her own accounting firm. Wendy’s analytical and business management skills are unmatched, and her ability to quickly assess a situation and recommend strategically—and financially—sound solutions is unparalleled.

When she’s not at the office, she’s spending time with family and touring Maine on her motorcycle.

Attended: Sussex County Community College and Centenary College


jane elvidge

Before joining us, Jane spent many years working in the accounting departments of a diverse array of businesses. This experience on the client side gives her a unique understanding of internal operations that benefits her clients by helping them manage their books better—with an insiders perspective. Jane also believes the best way to work is to teach as she goes, to help clients understand the hows and whys of solid financial management.

In the “real world” Jane spend a great deal of time outdoors enjoying hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and walking around with her two mini poodles.

Attended: The University of Maine at Orono


tom dressler

Tom is one of those people who just loves solving complex problems—a skill that comes in particularly handy when working with clients. He makes it easy for them to understand the ins and outs of their financial lives.

When he’s not at his desk, Tom is either running, biking, or playing golf. And he does admit that he may spend a little too much time working on his fantasy football and baseball teams.

Attended: Colby-Sawyer College


derek hall, cpa

Derek doesn’t believe in being bored. Which is of course a very good thing because to him, there’s no such thing as a typical day. Regardless of what he’s doing—tax preparation, audits, day-to-day financial work for a client—he looks at everything as if he’s putting together the pieces to a vast financial puzzle. And that suits him just fine.

Derek actually met his wife Casea at Purdy Powers and when he’s not spending time with her and their son Logan, you’ll find him outside enjoying everything Maine has to offer. And he’s an incredibly skilled disc golfer.

Attended: Saint Joseph’s College of Maine


katie harvey

Katie is never one to shy away from a challenge, especially when it comes to complex accounting issues. When she sees and issue, her first question is “what can I do to solve this?” With more than 10 years experience in accounting, Katie has definite passion for the business and helping her clients succeed.

In the off hours, Katie spends as much time as possible with family and friends.

Attended: The University of Southern Maine


tonya libby, cpa

Tonya is an accountant who thrives on change and new challenges, which is exactly why she has such passion for her job. Tonya loves helping a broad range of clients navigate through complex financial issues. And believes there is always something new to discover or uncover.

When not solving problems for clients, Tonya spends time working on her home or exploring the Rangeley area with her family at their camp. She also is a big cheerleader at her daughter’s events.

Attended: The University of Southern Maine and The University of Maine at Farmington


elmira martin, cpa

Elmira thrives on the diversity of her clients businesses. What she learns from digging into the finances of a company in one industry serves her clients in other industries. It’s a cross-pollination that adds great value to the team.

If you run into her outside the office chances are she’ll be with her husband and young son. When they’re not around, Elmira loves reading, and learning about other cultures.

Attended: Husson University, and Mordovia State University, Russia


derek markgren, cpa, mst

For Derek this is an incredibly dynamic business where there truly is never a dull moment. He finds great satisfaction in helping his clients achieve their short- and long-term goals.

An avid outdoorsman, he can be found fly-fishing and camping all over Maine with his wife and their dog in tow. Derek was also bitten by the travel bug so when he is not in the state, you can believe he’s somewhere with his passport.

Attended: University of New Hampshire, and Florida Gulf Coast University


allie matthews

After spending nearly seven years as a paralegal—touching on probate, bankruptcy, divorce, and estate planning—Allie developed a keen sense for detail and a robust understanding of why accuracy matters. This experience outside the accounting industry makes her a great asset to us. And our clients.

When she’s not in the office she’s usually up to her elbows in wooly fiber—Allie is an accomplished knitwear designer.

Attended: Williams College


maria mitropoulos, cpa

Maria is an accountant who truly believes that teamwork drives success for her clients. It’s what drives her to do her best… to deliver great results.

Outside of work Maria spends as much time as possible with her family, running, and listening to music. She also spends time rooting for the New England Patriots. Like we said, for her it’s all about team.

Attended: Saint Joseph’s College


bruce moir, cpa, jd, mpa

Bruce considers his career as the perfect opportunity to work with interesting people. His passion is all about helping clients achieve their goals in what he refers to as a “tax efficient fashion,” without letting taxes force negative outcomes.

When he’s not behind his desk, Bruce spends his time volunteering for various museums and non-profits including Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA.

Attended: Emory University (Undergrad & JD), MPA Georgia State University


michael nelson

Michael likes to know a lot about all things accounting. Working with a diverse range of clients helps him grow and adapt to make sure he delivers results. His biggest thrill is seeing how the work he does for his clients helps them grow and prosper.

When he’s not sitting behind his desk, Michael is running…he runs every morning before work and races whenever he can. He’s also reads whatever he can about politics and history.

Attended: University of Maine


shelly perreault, cpa

Shelly has been in public accounting for her entire career and can think of nothing else she’d rather be doing. She loves helping small business owners manage their taxes and other financial issues—while seeing their businesses grow prosper. Even though she works remotely from her home in North Carolina, Shelly maintains close relationships with her Maine clients.

When she’s out and about, Shelly will probably be found among friends and family enjoying good times.

Attended: The University of Southern Maine


melesa punsky, mba

Melesa considers herself a lifelong learner, which makes her a perfect fit at Purdy Powers. With her diverse roster of clients she is able to discover new things while helping them understand the complexities of their balance sheets and overall financial operations. And she does it in a way that makes her clients feel at ease, knowing they have an experienced professional on their team.

If she’s not working on client business she’s usually cheering on her soon-to-be-husband at short track races around Maine.

Attended: Husson University


allan raulserson, mba

Allan is not a big fan of dull days and routines—which is why he enjoys his work as much as he does. Being able to interact with clients on a number of levels working on diverse issues keeps him stimulated… and at the top of his intellectual game.

If he’s not at his desk, Allan spends quite a bit of time outdoors exploring with family, friends, and of course, his dog. He also plays guitar and loves tinkering with old cars and motorcycles.

Attended: Berry College and Kennesaw State University


tyler stephens

You could say that Tyler is the ultimate team player which is why he enjoys working with such a diverse group of clients. When he’s on the job he sees himself as an integral member of his clients financial teams where he can use his skills to help them manage their businesses—and bottom lines—more easily. Tyler believes that great client service comes from being able to listen intently in order to understand and assist.

When he’s not working with his client teams Tyler coaches youth football and during the winter months assists in running a youth basketball camp. If he’s not doing one of those things he’s either at the gym or traveling.

Attended: The University of Maine, and Saint Joseph’s College


thomas tibbetts

Thomas is a man who knows the value of a dollar. Having put himself through school he learned that every penny spent has value. Which is why he connects so well with his clients, he understands that the recommendations he makes to them are based on one key factor: they’re individual needs. He’s extremely adept at helping the people he works with understand complex accounting issues.

When he’s not working with his clients, Thomas spends as much time as possible with his large extended family, hiking, or following his new passion for foraging for wild foods.

Attended: Southern Maine Community College and The University of Southern Maine